Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Flex Desk

Flex Desk

Flex Desk! Desk sharing, open desk, fashionable open office a few decades ago will soon fall by the wayside? Not really, it just fits into a much stronger organizational trend. Isn’t one of the workspace’s conference themes: “shall we still go to the office in 2030?” And 2030 is tomorrow!

However we think at Boqa that there will always be a need for exchange space where we meet physically. The coffee, the break, it is informal place where there is however so much thing, of decision, of strategic choice of the company.

The office is changing, and the fashion for the shared office is here. to welcome workers in a different way, to push creativity, to force communication, to make life easier for some, to make life difficult for others …

On our side at Boqa, we were able to work during 2019 on a few pieces that will be presented at the press conference at VIA on February 6.

If you want to participate, send me an email to nicolas.garet@boqa.fr

While waiting here is some image and some explanation:

Pierre Louis Gerlier’s overturned chair: A transat desk that transforms as needed. The sedentary, we have discovered in recent years to need to move, to change to transform him too. it is therefore not a nap lounger but a work one where you can strum on your screen in a cocooning position, like at home for a few hours or you can concentrate as being alone in this famous open space.

The Colego desk by François Bazenant: a coworking desk version where we have integrated a screen. The slightly hidden view, and the attenuated sound, you know there is someone and the one who is inside keeps his privacy, his reactions, his grin, his state remains protected.

I hope to read vs quesiton soon and meet you at VIA on February 6, 120 avenue Ledru Rollin or at workspace.