Sunday, 5 July, 2020
Essence + Alchemy Candle Brand Launches

Essence + Alchemy Candle Brand Launches

Essence + Alchemy launches new candle collection and candle refill line.

Dedicated to environmental and ethical values, Essence + Alchemy natural candles are made from locally sourced rapeseed wax, FSC wood-wicks and pure essential oil scents making them sustainable, clean-burning and long-lasting candles with excellent scent throw. 

With a focus on sustainable materials and packaging, candles are hand-poured into reusable British made hand-blown glass.  The boxes are made in Britain from recycled card stock and are 100% recyclable.

Physical Candle Refills keep containers in use, minimise waste and provide a refreshing alternative to throw-away packaging. Customers can sign up to Refill Club, a candle subscription service to receive monthly candle refills. 

Beaker Candles and Refills are available in 8 essential oil scents: 

Aether (Energising), Smoke (Grounding), Dusk (Tranquil), Roses (Uplifting), Azoth (Calming), Wild Garden (Joyful), Arcana (Restorative) and Winter Bergamot (Relaxing).

Essence + Alchemy Beaker Candles are priced at £48 (300ml) and physical refills are available at £30 via