Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Engineered Wood Flooring That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Engineered Wood Flooring That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Due to increased awareness of sustainability, engineered wood flooring is becoming a more popular choice for the homeowner.  With the need to reduce deforestation, engineered wood flooring is the obvious choice as it uses approximately 75% less of slow growing hardwoods and more of the faster growing hardwoods, including birch and poplar.  

Engineered wood consists of 3 solid wood layers bonded together and a protective finish is added, giving the structure stability and strength.

At Lifestyle flooring we have a range of engineered flooring by Quickstep (Engineered Wood Flooring) in an array of colours, cuts and surface effects, to complement any type of interior from traditional antique to contemporary modern.  

Our engineered wood flooring is easy to install by clicking and locking the tongue and groove together, creating a floating floor or by gluing the flooring directly to a base of plywood / chipboard or concrete screed.  Another option is secret nailing or screws directly to joists or a subfloor.

For a natural look and feel of solid wood that is compatible with under floor heating that can be used in moisture prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, choosing engineered wood flooring will look impressive while helping the environment.

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