Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
EcoDesign Stoves- The Sustainable Solution

EcoDesign Stoves- The Sustainable Solution

In light of the recent headlines following the Government Environment Bill, Vicky Naylor, General Manager of ACR Stoves, sheds light on the future for sustainable stoves.

As part of the Government’s Environment Bill, new legislation has been introduced which will affect homeowners with woodburners and multifuel stoves across the UK. In a bid to cut air pollution from February 2021, homeowners will no longer be permitted to burn coal and wet wood in domestic wood burners. Although homeowners will still be able to purchase wet wood to season at home, they will instead be encouraged to use ‘sustainable’ alternatives such as dry wood and manufactured solid fuels (wood briquettes for example). ACR Stoves also recommend their customers purchase responsibly-sourced, prepacked wood with the ‘Woodsure, Ready To Burn’ logo, to ensure the wood burnt will be replaced using reliable methods. 

SIA EcoDesign Approved 

As well as the new rules on what to burn, there is also new legislation covering the wood burners too.  As Vicky explains, “EcoDesign is a European-wide law that aims to lower emissions and improve air quality. Due to come into effect in the UK in 2022, this new legislation means that wood burning stoves will become cleaner and more efficient than ever before.”  The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) was formed to promote the benefits and environmental advantages of wood burning stoves and ahead of the legislation, they have launched the SIA EcoDesign Ready Scheme. This scheme supports UK manufacturers who release stoves that meet the lower emission limits by awarding them with the SIA EcoDesign Ready accreditation.

Vicky offers the following advice, “There is no ban on wood burners or multifuel stoves. In fact, stoves are part of the solution, not the problem. At ACR Stoves we offer some of the most efficient stoves on the market, with almost all of our current product range already granted SIA EcoDesign Ready approval. Our accredited stoves produce a staggering 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and offer an efficient way of heating the home whilst helping in the fight against climate change.”

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