Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Curtain Startup Saving UK Seamstresses

Curtain Startup Saving UK Seamstresses

Stitched.co.uk, a London based curtain + blind startup, has moved quickly to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak. It is now on a mission to do more than make beautiful curtains and blinds, it’s out to save an entire industry. 

Following the temporary closure of its curtain making partner, Stitched co-founder, Elinor Pitt, was determined to keep customers orders flowing and started to contact local makers and small workrooms throughout the UK to see if they could help plug the gap.

“The response was overwhelming with lots of quality local makers keen to take on the work.” says Elinor “Social distancing and the UK lockdown has hit some of the smaller workrooms and independent makers hard as they’re not set up to sell online and rely on visiting customers’ homes.” 

The team has moved quickly to plug local makers into their supply chain, keeping Stitched customers orders flowing and helping local workrooms and makers stay afloat.

Allison Drury, a Surrey based curtain maker now working with Stitched, said: ‘When the country went into lockdown new orders dried up, working with Stitched has really helped to keep the order book full and workroom lights on at a difficult time for everyone’.

The company is proudly still stitching and is working hard to vet and onboard more local curtain makers to support as many of these small businesses as possible. And there are a lot of them, the UK spends £1.5bn on curtains every year. 

Stitched is also offering up free video consultations for all customers who need help with measuring and design advice. So if curtains and blinds are on your coronavirus agenda, check out stitched.co.uk or search ‘Stitched’ on the appstore.

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