Friday, 29 May, 2020
Cuckooland Brings Bold Monkey To UK

Cuckooland Brings Bold Monkey To UK

We are buzzing to announce that Cuckooland has been chosen by new Dutch Label, Bold Monkey, to be their exclusive online partner in the UK.  Blending boldness and brightness, Bold Monkey presents a divine family of abundant interior styles. Take a step into the extravagant and colourful, and view the collection online at  Available to pre-order now, stock will be arriving into the UK from August 2019.

Picture this! Imagine you’re looking for a totally unique interior piece. Something your friends don’t have. A piece of furniture that will draw all the attention as soon as your guests will enter the room, without having to rob a bank for it? 

Bold Monkey design collectables. Extravagant collector’s items that love to be the centre of attention. Aimed at those design lovers that will always go for unique instead of uniform. More is more, baby!

“Everything and everything is our design playground”, Bold Monkey’s drive is to challenge the boundaries of taste with items designed to take centre stage. Why be normal when you can be extra? 

Bold Monkey presents a divine family of abundant interior styles. Their approach has manifested in this first collection of 35 collectables. Add a Bold Monkey collector’s item to your home and watch as it brings your whole interior space to life.

Limited Editions
Bold Monkey also has pieces of furniture in limited editions. Love it or hate it, but with a chance to have something unique in your home that you won’t find anywhere else, you would be mad not to love it! We kick off with Dope as Hell coffee table, bringing 90s vibes straight to your crib. Being limited edition, the gold necklace has a unique number to show you which of the 1000 pieces is yours.

Everyone craves that tall and handsome feature, so how about A Tall Handsome Statue. Release your inner spirit animal with this golden crane-inspired decoration, trust us, you won’t have any eg-grets (that’s a heron pun for all those that aren’t into ornithology!).

Design team

Bold Monkey are a team of Dutch interior design enthusiasts, with a preference for things that are slightly different. Led by Richard Halberstadt, who has been in the business for over 20 years. He is one of the owners and designers of Zuiver BV. Bold Monkey is Richard Halberstadt’s personal design playground.

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