Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Cream Cornwalls Latest Country Collection Trenwith

Cream Cornwalls Latest Country Collection Trenwith

Trenwith is a fictional Cornish Estate that Rebecca and Alison the cofounders of Cream, have created to form the basis for future collections which will involve life living in an idyllic Cornish manor house overlooking a sheltered creek. The Trenwith’s, Niall and Loveday, their children and pets will provide inspiration for future collections through their ancestor’s adventures and the estates history.

“You will find Trenwith at the end of a long driveway, filled either side with hydrangeas, camellias and rhododendrons, sitting above sloping lawns leading down to Trelonk, a sheltered creek at the top of the Helford river, only accessible to all but the smallest keeled boats at low tide. A large walled garden sits behind the Elizabethan house, with a gate, dating back to the 16th century, which leads to an orchard filled with fruit trees. There is an ice house, no longer used now of course and the pineapple house has been given over to growing herbs. The beehives are one of Lovedays latest projects and the honey is sold under the estates label, which now has a large range of products including Cornish tea. Much to their surprise, it’s been very popular in China and Niall has been busy working out how to export a Cornish cream tea to accompany it.”

The design due explain the inspiration behind the beautiful new country range:


“Cream Cornwall is the essence of country and coastal living and Trenwith is perfect for both. We took ages sampling the six colours, until we felt that there was the perfect colour choice for anyone, whether they lived by the sea or the depths of the Cornish countryside.”


“Trenwith epitomises the Cornish countryside, especially in the Autumn when I often have to brake for fear of running over a pheasant in the road. The flowers, insects and creatures that feature in this collection which typifies everything we love about Cornish country life”

The range has lampshades, cushions, table linen and tableware, tea towels and aprons and even a paint range called Trenwith which has six colours to choose from with names conjuring up life in this idyllic setting. With names like Poachers Disguise, Trelonk and Helford, you will immerse yourself in the fairy tale life of Trenwith.

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