Sunday, 5 July, 2020
Connectable Garden Lighting : As Simple As A B C

Connectable Garden Lighting : As Simple As A B C

Did you know that you can create this lovely canopy of lights, from just one socket?  Our unique connectable lights come in 5 metre lengths, which simply daisy chain together to create your desired length.

Working out how many lights you need is very straightforward. We recommend using a ball of string to create the canopy, as this gives you a very accurate idea of how many metres you may require. You can vary the amount of swags to add more or less lights to the display, which also helps with cost!

If you need a longer distance from the plug to the first bulb, we have bespoke blank cables that fit inbetween, and which come in varying lengths, so all bases are covered.

The fun part will be choosing which lights you want, and the good news is that all our connectable lights are suitable for outdoor use giving you complete flexibility to create your dream look.

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