Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Comeback Des Berberteppiches

Comeback Des Berberteppiches

Genuine Tuareg Berber carpets from Morocco are very special mineral resources with natural charm. They are knotted according to centuries-old traditions in elaborate craftsmanship. Today, exactly this product is experiencing a terrific comeback. More and more people value a high quality and durable natural product. Contrary to the throwaway society, sustainability is again a top priority.

With a genuine Tuareg Berber you get 100% pure new wool in a fascinating way. The first touch reveals the soft and cuddly surface of the natural fibers. The simple beauty of these unique dream rugs enchants everyone.

In the production of this Berber you find three different knotting settings.
15/15: approx. 22,500 knots per sqm – 18/18: approx. 32,400 knots per sqm – 20/20: approx. 40,000 knots per sqm.
There are also three different types of knots: Simple = one knot, Double = two knots and Triple = three knots. The more woolen threads are used per knot, the denser the surface or carpet of the berber.

Whether mottled, plain or patterned – grey, brown or natural white: everyone will find their personal Berber. Our Tuareg – a real must-have that blends perfectly into a natural living environment and brings years of joy.

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