Sunday, 5 July, 2020
Climate Control Create A Year Round Conservatory

Climate Control Create A Year Round Conservatory

Conservatories are often the most light-filled and uplifting of rooms in a home, yet the sheer expanse of windows makes it difficult to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. Cold and chilly in the winter and insufferably hot and stuffy in the summer, conservatories are often left unused for the majority of the year until climate systems align for just a few weeks of optimal weather conditions. 

Choosing the right blinds can help to create a year-round space that feels light and airy in the spring and summer months and can easily transition to a cosy environment in winter.

Duette® shades feature a unique honeycomb construction that offers unrivalled insulating properties, helping to reduce heat loss by up to 46%.  During the summer months, when conservatories can often trap unwanted heat, Duette® shades reduce heat intake by as much as 78% and cut the sun’s glare by up to 99% thanks to an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

Maintaining conservatories at a consistent and comfortable temperature in this way helps to eliminate the need for expensive air conditioning systems or electricity-hungry fans, further adding to the cost-saving benefits.

And the benefits don’t stop at climate control; Duette® shades also block up to 99% of UV rays, preventing colour fade and keeping furnishings and wallpaper like new for longer.

Duette® conservatory blinds are made to measure to fit any window, no matter what the size or shape to give a distinctive style and unique finish that provides privacy whilst also controlling natural light.  Available in three transparencies (blackout, semi sheer and translucent) and in a kaleidoscope of colours, there is no compromise on style and any colour scheme can be accommodated. 

As well as manual options, Duette® energy saving shades can be installed with a motorised system that gives you complete climate control at the touch of a button. With so many windows to cover and many often inaccessible, motorisation is the perfect solution in any conservatory.

Even better, they can now even be operated by voice control, marking another advance in wireless home technologies – designed for compatibility with most home automation system technologies on the market, including Amazon Alexa (Echo) and the Google Assistant and nest with Apple Homekit coming soon. 

Prices start at £163 for a 400mm x 600mm made-to-measure standard free hanging Duette® from Apollo Blinds