Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Celebrate Chinese New Year In Style With Furniture, Antiques And Gifts From Shimu

Celebrate Chinese New Year In Style With Furniture, Antiques And Gifts From Shimu

Chinese New Year arrives on the 25th January, with celebrations taking place in London and amongst Chinese communities across the UK well into February. 2020 sees us enter the Year of the Rat – the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. Those born under the Year of the Rat are thought to be alert to possibilities, highly adaptable and with excellent instincts, making them high achievers in the world of business.

In China the New Year is an important time for families to gather, with a dinner held on New Year’s Eve to start the fesitivities. At the stroke of midnight firecrackers and fireworks are set off to scare away any evil spirits and to welcome in the new year. Gifts and money in red envelopes are given to children as a wish for a safe, peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

At the end of the holiday period the Lantern Festival is held, with the Chinese hanging lanterns around their homes, towns and cities as a wish for a bright future. Red is used to symbolise good fortune, while gold stands for wealth and prosperity.

As the leading UK specialist in Chinese antique and oriental furniture, Shimu offers a huge array of products to bring a hint of the orient to your home. Our red and gold antique and reproduction cabinets are decorated with traditional designs, perfectly complemented by silk gold tassels, oriental rugs and other homewares imported from the East.

You’ll find our full selection online, from Chinese lanterns to gift boxes, lighting, furniture and antiques that bring a real wow factor to any interior.

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