Tuesday, 20 April, 2021


Wall Art Company Collaborate With Artists Around The Globe

Azutura has partnered with over 100 artists, designers, illustrators and photographers from around the world to create a series of wall murals and stickers that feature their incredible artwork. Durham, UK -Today, Azutura announced they have partnered with creatives from around the globe to turn their artwork into wall murals and stickers. Not only has this allowed them to create ... Read More »

AW20 Colours With Living It Up

As Autumn/ Winter fast approaches, so do A/W interior trends. Living it Up have a selection of Autumnal toned sofas, armchairs and beds bound to spruce up your humble abode.  The Cara Sofa upholstered in Regency Blue Velvet would be ideal for any traditional living room. Pair this midnight blue hue with shaded greys and gold accessories to emphasise this ... Read More »

As Seen Today On ITV’s This Morning – Holly And Phil:)

Did you see Holly and Phil building our Copper Cube Terrariums Today? Phil won… AGAIN .. this is a repeat feature with our products:) We have an amazing new Fathers Day Range that has been launched including some Limited Edition Items. https://theurbanbotanist.co.uk/products/fathers-day-gifts David Domoney displayed our Mega Grande Ecosystem as well – completely self sustaining ecosystem. Fabulous Eco friendly gift ... Read More »

Big Gardens For Small Spaces

Having a large collection of plants is amazing, but it can get a little crowded with our floor space disappearing pretty quickly. This is particularly true for city dwellers. 43% of Londoners live in a flat, the most of any region in the UK, promoting the move of our gardening skills to our balconies and our living rooms. With the ... Read More »

“Taking Back” The House. Interior, Coatings And Floors Planium, Metals And Colors

Historically, Italians have always given a lot of importance to their home environment, but this concept has been lost especially in the last twenty years, thanks to an increasingly “liquid” society for off-site studies, business trips and the need to live in rent especially the youth years; the long quarantine of Covid-19 brought the country back to its collective memory, ... Read More »

Conservatory Blinds Everyone Can Afford!

Conservatory blinds have always been viewed as an expensive addition to an already costly conservatory, but Blinds 2go have a superb range of conservatory blinds at incredible low prices that everyone can afford!  With starting prices from just £24.15 per blind, a whole Victorian style conservatory can be fitted out for less than £600*. The Blinds 2go pleated EasiFIT system ... Read More »

Waves Wallpaper – Hand Painted In Japanese Calligraphy

WAVES is a monochrome hand painted wallpaper in calligraphy ink. Each piece is unique and signed. This series explores Japanese Calligraphy and the Art of Shodo. Shodo’s true calligraphy is achieved by applying the elements of art, line, shape and space.  Illustrated on white non-woven paper 75x280cm RRP £95 Natascha explores the concept of patterns, using different print and ink ... Read More »

Tiny Goods Designs For Scandinavian Brands

tiny goods stands for all the little things that make life more beautiful: The taste of newly picked cherries, a golden ray of sunshine in the late evening, the joy of finding that four-leafed clover, the excitement of the rumble of a passing steam train. tiny goods is a design studio, founded in Copenhagen in 2012 and now based in ... Read More »

Pink And Green: Should They Ever Be Seen?

If you ask us, the answer is a resounding yes! We love the contrast between the strong, deep shade of ‘Corsican Green’ and the soft femininity of ‘Old Rose’ in this eclectic family kitchen.  Corsican Green is an incredibly intelligent blend of colours, giving it depth and dimension, while yellow undertones bring brightness. Here, the ‘Interior Eggshell’ finish ensures durability ... Read More »