Tuesday, 20 April, 2021


Annie Sloan: Checkerboard Bathroom

Breathe fresh life into forgotten floorboards with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. With no sanding or prepping required, updating your flooring is simple – “geometric shapes look fabulous and modern and are easy-peasy to create” says Annie. Start with a neutral colour for your base, then begin creating your pattern. To achieve an eye-catching design all you need is a ... Read More »

Annie Sloan: Painted Tiles

Harness the power of Chalk Paint™ to transform your home, from introducing colour and velvety texture to high street furniture to pattern and personality to simple white floor tiles. “Without the need to prime or sand, painting MDF or metal furniture with Chalk Paint™ is all in a day’s work,” explains Annie Sloan. “Painting on floor tiles is also incredibly easy; the ... Read More »

Ted Baker Homeware: Ted’s Latest Rug Offering

Inspired by nature’s finest, Ted Baker is proud to announce the arrival of a new rug and home decoration collection. On hand to spruce up the home from bottom to top, the range is a sophisticated expression of elegance with a typically Ted twist.  The collection kicks off with Opal Pink. Soft, hand-drawn magnolias and delicate swallows entwine in a ... Read More »

MG01 Magnetic Floor, “The Magnetism” Of A Flooring Installation System

How many times have we heard of Green Economy, Green Growth, Green Architecture or Green Design, or simply of Green to indicate a concept related to ecology and environmental sustainability. The ecological virtuosity of Planium lies in the perspective of having created totally dry laying systems for floors, that is, those that do not require the use of glues, which ... Read More »

Rust Is The New Black: Introducing Oaken Hexagon Tiles

Walls and Floors have just released their Oaken Hexagon Tile collection. Suitable for walls and floors, these durable hexagons have a rusted oxidised look, which ties in perfectly with the reclaimed trend. Whilst the warmer tones will help to keep things snug throughout the cooler months, the teal hues will cool things down in the summer!   Heading through 2020, the hexagonal trend shows ... Read More »

Check Mate

There’s something extremely stylish about a black and white floor.  It’s a true classic but also very of-the-moment. It can be used to easily create a timeless interior and works effortlessly with all styles of property, from rustic country home to city apartment. Whilst there are endless pattern combinations and designs, the chequer board is the simplest and most iconic. ... Read More »

The Green Trend Underfoot

With ‘Tranquil Dawn’ named as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 – and Neo Mint popping up everywhere  – green hues look set to steal the show. These soft new shades work beautifully with neutral pastels, bringing a calm, comforting feel to an interior.  Rich jewel tones, including bottle green, are also joining the on-trend oxygenated shades, as we look to ‘balance’ ... Read More »

60º Collection by WOW Design

A fluid dialogue between the wood and the stone, that allows open plan stays with floors smoothly blended without room dividers. Chevron and Trapezoid complementary shapes, both with a 60º angle in common, to set up in combination or solo.3 natural wooden tones and a calacatta inspired stone conforming the unusual elegance of 60º. Porcelain tiles suitable for walls and ... Read More »

Freshen Up Homes with ‘Neo Mint’

According to trend forecasters WGSN, the coolest colour of 2020 will be NEO MINT.  It’s a bright and futuristic shade that’s set to give a breath of fresh air to tired interiors. To get ahead of the NEO MINT trend here are some ideas for home décor products (window blinds, rugs and wallpaper) incorporating this cool, refreshing hue. Fresh from the Floor ... Read More »

MR01 Modulo Radiante Is Ecology

MR01 Modulo Radiante comes from a markedly ecological orientation. Planium intended to design and produce a unique system, able to combine aesthetic beauty and functionality with respect for the environment. For this technical floor we use only top quality materials, innovative technologies and a knowledge projected into the future. And the future will necessarily need green and clean energy. MR01 ... Read More »