Monday, 27 January, 2020
Calm Simplicity

Calm Simplicity

We are delighted to be working with some exciting new brands this year and are happy to announce a collaboration with Clar Object Luminaires which is Made in London and Designed by Barbara Etter.

Ni-Ni pendant lights are made from Italian Pergamenata. A waxed paper that has a cloudy texture like the ancient natural parchments. When the light is turned on, the white material glows with a warm ivory tone and shows the designs minimalistic geometry in a play of shadow and light.
Lighting manufacturer Clar is an independent company run by designer Barbara Etter. Each lampshade is assembled by hand in her East London studio. “With a love for a quiet, minimalistic design aesthetic we strive to create lighting objects that comfort us with their calm simplicity and elegance.”

Focusing on a small environmental footprint, Barbara Etter uses sustainable materials, works with local suppliers and uses as little transport as possible. All the packaging is fully recyclable.
The design journey starts in play – working directly with the material and with little planning. It is a conversation with the material’s properties: with fragility and stiffness, softness and tension, with texture and translucency. The final character is born of this exchange and informed by charm and function, intuitiveness, familiarity and the environment.
Ni-Ni lampshades are an investigation into how one single cut can transform a flat material. The result manifests itself in a geometric play with shadow and light.

“I have been working in product design for over a decade before starting Clar. The part I always enjoyed the most in the design process, was the direct, hands on experiment in the materials. The stage where new discovery and the unexpected are most likely to happen. Where a mix of free flow and precise observation opens new horizons.”

Ni-Ni pendant light

If it hangs low, pointing it up gives Ni-Ni the look of a flower bud. Hang it pointing down if the lampshade is located high up at the ceiling or above a table to showcase the diamond pattern.

With its minimalistic lighting design and compact size, this UK made lampshade looks fantastic above a small table or a sideboard. It can also be hung very low and serve as a bedside lampshade. The material is semitransparent and shows the shade’s simple geometry in a play of light and shadow.

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