Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Bedtime Just Got Fun!

Bedtime Just Got Fun!


Transform your little one’s bedroom into a jungle paradise with this epic treehouse cabin bed. Hours of fun are to be had inside this exciting design, thanks to awesome features such as lookout windows, ladders and a skylight. Who said bedtime had to be boring? Not Noa & Nani. 

It’s no surprise Christopher is a bestseller for the brand. From sleeping in the jungle to playing cheeky monkeys, the treehouse design promotes creative playtime for children… which equals much needed quiet time for parents! Why not let children’s imaginations run wild and accessorise the bed with leaf bunting, fairy lights and plenty of plants to replicate the great outdoors? 

Designed to imitate a true treehouse, Christopher consists of country-style cladding and a traditional pitched roof. Cut-out windows and a skylight open up and brighten the interior space, to ensure children feel safe and relaxed. 

One things for sure, there’ll be no fuss at bedtimes with this fabulous cabin bed. Kids will love climbing up the ladder and into their own treehouse for a spot of shuteye. Crafted from solid pine, the bed is supported by large, sturdy posts that allow your sleeping beauty to rest safe and sound in the Land of Nod.

From slumber spot to storage space, Christopher combines playfulness and practicality. The mid-sleeper design means there’s plenty of space underneath the bed for toys or storage units. Alternatively, the under-bed area can be transformed into a play space or funky hangout. However you choose to utilise, the treehouse bed optimises space and is suitable for small or large bedrooms.

With Christmas on the horizon, the Christopher Cabin Bed is bound to be every child’s dream present. Imagine their little faces when waking up to this amazing bed on Christmas morning? They’ll barely be able to contain their excitement! Designed with versatility in mind, the bed’s chic white finish is suitable for little boys or girls. You don’t have to stick to the jungle style either, from country house themes to log cabin scenes, the ideas are endless!