Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

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Summer Festivals In The Garden

With challenging times also come numerous opportunities to get creative and make memories you are sure to cherish forever. As festival season is fast approaching, and we are lucky enough to have sun-soaked afternoons, now is the time to plan your Summer festival in the garden.  To set the festival feeling lighting is essential, and it is the perfect excuse ... Read More »

The Elegance Of White

White has always been associated with a character of immaculate purity, a celestial value: the snow that falls “purifying” the cities in winter is white, the classic white shirt for ceremonies, the sheets white, the theological virtue of faith and the color white of the blessed in Dante’s Paradise … Caoscreo wants to make use of the elegance of a ... Read More »

All The Colors Of The Planium Summer

If spring marks the transition to a return to life after the long winter wait, summer is the consecration of life itself. Obviously the bright colors prevail, those that refer in particular to the beaming of the Sun that does not spare itself: yellow above all, especially when it goes on the golden shades, but also secondly the red, which ... Read More »

3 Ways To Get The Beachside Chic Look

Get inspired for summer 2020 by combining tropical and coastal decorating schemes.  Using a pastel colour palette and natural elements, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at FurnitureChoice.co.uk shares 3 simple ways to create this idyllic setting at home.   1. Pair white with pastels A whitewashed colour scheme instantly creates a light and airy space, channelling the calming qualities of ... Read More »

Roman Launches Desk & Reception Shields

UK & European shower enclosure manufacturer, Roman is delighted to announce the launch of Desk and Reception Shields. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, Roman are extremely keen to help and support all customers in every way possible. In April, Roman announced no price increases in 2020; now the focus is firmly on helping customers get open again and ... Read More »

New Contactless Online Furniture Solution Helping Consumers In Pandemic Using AR

Locked-down consumers can now turn a sketch into a 3D furniture design and view their creation using Augmented Reality. A totally contactless solution with design to delivery in a few weeks, and at affordable prices. The global lockdown is causing lengthy delays in furniture supply chains. The *£2.1 billion annual pipeline from China is not currently reaching our shores, and ... Read More »

Home Refresh: Why White Is The Ultimate Colour

With Summer on the horizon, many of us are looking to our interior decor and giving our spaces the refresh it needs.   White is the ultimate colour when it comes to elevating your interior styling to the next level. Where it is possible, we recommend starting with a clean fresh base, in keeping the majority of the tones within a lighter ... Read More »

Waves Wallpaper – Hand Painted In Japanese Calligraphy

WAVES is a monochrome hand painted wallpaper in calligraphy ink. Each piece is unique and signed. This series explores Japanese Calligraphy and the Art of Shodo. Shodo’s true calligraphy is achieved by applying the elements of art, line, shape and space.  Illustrated on white non-woven paper 75x280cm RRP £95 Natascha explores the concept of patterns, using different print and ink ... Read More »

Tiny Goods Designs For Scandinavian Brands

tiny goods stands for all the little things that make life more beautiful: The taste of newly picked cherries, a golden ray of sunshine in the late evening, the joy of finding that four-leafed clover, the excitement of the rumble of a passing steam train. tiny goods is a design studio, founded in Copenhagen in 2012 and now based in ... Read More »