Friday, 24 May, 2019
An Opportunity For KBBG Members The Küchenmeile Fair – September 2018

An Opportunity For KBBG Members The Küchenmeile Fair – September 2018

Often referred to as the world’s number one in-house kitchen show, the Küchenmeile fair is one exhibition not to be missed. The fair takes place from the 15th to 21st September, along highway A30, in the heart of the German furniture country.

Highway A30, commonly known as the German kitchen mile, accommodates two-thirds of the German kitchen industry. At the Küchenmeile fair, major German kitchen furniture manufacturers will be launching their new product ranges for 2019, opening their doors and inviting their trade customers to visit their facilities. Many other German appliance, worktop and sink brands also take part.

The fair offers a unique opportunity to visit a multitude of manufacturers’ showrooms and to experience fresh, new creations; different styles and trends; discuss the market and discover future opportunities. KBBG members will be able view the phenomenal ranges of kitchen furniture, accessories and appliances from over 25 manufacturers, and find out about the latest offers. The Küchenmeile fair also provides attendees with the opportunity to network and establish new contacts, meet staff and retailers, and re-engage with industry colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

Bill Miller, Managing Director, KBBG says: “The Küchenmeile fair is certainly worth the trip and enables you to take a glimpse of the opportunities available for the forth coming year.  The annual event represents over sixty per cent of the German kitchen furniture industry’s turnover, and is the perfect place to see countless new innovations and exclusive materials, all within an impressive atmosphere.”

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