Friday, 23 August, 2019
2019 Homes Trend: Taking the Indoors Out

2019 Homes Trend: Taking the Indoors Out

While one of 2018’s biggest homes trends was to ‘bring the outdoors in’ – a major movement in 2019 is the reverse …‘taking the indoors out’.

On the back of an amazing British summer last year, optimistic Brits are stepping up their outside environments investing much more this year not only in traditional outdoor furniture, such as rattan sofas and tables and chairs, but in soft furnishings such as rugs, outdoor cushions and lighting.

In fact stylish homeowners are creating home from home gardens that look more like living rooms than a patio or lawn area! 

The trend to bring more colour and comfort to UK gardens this summertime has been evidenced by a huge increase in demand for outdoor rugs sold on the UK’s largest site The Rug Seller

Its collection of outdoor rugs has also now been expanded with some fantastic new designs and fabrics.

Daniel Prendergast, design director at The Rug Seller, says: “Customers are searching for bright colours and bold pattern when it comes to outdoor rugs – something to add the wow factor to their outdoor entertaining areas; the open space in gardens means customers can experiment with large scale and bold use of colour more so than in interior rooms.

“Geometrics are a popular look, and pinks and yellows work really well, mirroring the colours naturally found in the garden. We also have reversible rugs for versatility and to increase the life of the rug.

“The popularity of outdoor rugs is all part of an overall trend where people are increasingly treating their outdoor spaces with the same consideration as their interiors.  As a result garden furniture and accessories are going way beyond a shabby lounger or the odd garden gnome! We’re seeing the use of soft furnishings, lighting, lanterns and rugs to build beautifully curated spaces.

“Used to extend living space beyond the house, rugs allow homeowners to get cosy and creative outdoors.  They help to define a ‘living space’ in a garden as well as tie your outdoor scheme together. Outdoor rugs are also quite practical – bringing less dirt indoors from underfoot and covering ‘less than perfect’ grass.”

Florence Alfresco Padua Rugs in Anthracite from £59.99, Florence Alfresco Trieste Rugs in Yellow from £59.99, Clover Rug in Silver Cream from £139, Patio Flatweave Rug in Deco Ivory from £29

Patio Flatweave Rug in Diamond Mono from £29, Plaza Rug in Ivory from £29, Biscayne Rug in Colbalt from £95

Caring for an Outdoor Rug

Daniel advises: “Advances in the materials used and construction of outdoor rugs means they’re very long-lasting and can easily withstand whatever the Great British weather throws at them. But they will need to be properly cared for to stop a build-up of mud and mildew to extend their life.

Often outdoor rugs are manufactured from weatherproof material, some being completely waterproof. Polypropylene is a popular manmade fibre that’s often used for outdoor products because it’s affordable, durable and easy to clean.   A lot of natural materials such as jute and hemp can also be used outdoors and are brilliant for adding texture but they’re slightly less durable than their manmade counterparts.

It’s still advisable to store any outdoor soft furnishings inside though, or in a waterproof container, when not in use.

Consult the care instructions and find out what the rug is made from before attempting to clean it.

Mud is easier to remove when it’s dry, simply shake or brush off. Outdoor rugs can also be vacuumed but ensure they’re dry and be sure to shake off the worst of the dirt first.

If the care instructions say the rug can be washed, then use a mixture of washing up liquid and warm water to gently rub away dirt and stains using a sponge or soft cloth. Gently hose off the rug and hang it out to dry afterwards.

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